End Stage Ovarian Cancer

April 18th, 2012
An End Stage Ovarian Cancer Visit

A doctor visit to get info regarding end stage ovarian cancer.

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Cvarian Cancer Forum – Learning about this Condition through Various Means

August 22nd, 2011

Cancer patients need a support group who can help focused while undergoing treatment. Simultaneously, they also want to learn more about this condition upon its onset. This is where an ovarian cancer forum can be very helpful for patients.

An ovarian cancer forum is a community where people who advocate ovarian cancer awareness, patients, and survivors would share their knowledge about this cancer so everybody will learn more about this. There are two types of forums today. one of them is found through online means while others are actual forum events set on specific dates and locations.

Online forums are popular today because they’re accessible for people. Establishing these forums is like an online community which will help inform people about this cancer. Survivors can also share their encouragement by logging on these websites. Some of the forums found online is the Ovarian Cancer forum found in cancerforums.net. Another forum is the one found in MedHelp website.

In terms of live forums, organizations concentrating on ovarian cancer awareness also have these forums set on different dates and locations. This will allow people to talk with actual health experts and other survivors about this medical problem. They have open forums where they can ask questions and learn more about this condition. Make sure to visit NOCC and other organizations to check on their upcoming forums.

Without a doubt, an ovarian cancer forum is a helpful mean on listening to patients and their needs. Check out these forums, learn more about this cancer, and get encouragement from survivors if you suffer from this condition.

Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio

August 22nd, 2011

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition is a nationwide organization that aims to provide cancer awareness to people. But, local chapters like Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio is set up in order to make the job simpler and giving people fast access to their activities.

Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio was organized in 1999 and was made to be the Ohio office for NOCC. Just like the mother organization, they also conduct campaigns that will help raise awareness of this condition. For instance, they don’t only work with the organization but also with other organizations like treatment centers, hospitals and others in order to produce materials that will let people know about this cancer.

Aside from producing materials, Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio also conduct walks that will help raise fund for the organization. Funds collected from these campaigns will be used to start their other campaigns in providing support to patients.

This organization has listed a number of supporters or partners on their website. these partners include Columbus Running Company, CruiseOne, Dasha Daniels Photography, GotBins, Libre, LLC., Lingua Love, LLC., Mark Dantzer Productions, Sew Stylin’, and Speedy Sneakers. They’ve provided their support in different means to help them start their projects in the state.

Without a doubt, having the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio makes the job of making ovarian cancer known easier as they can easily coordinate with people within their area and let them know about their campaigns faster. If you want to know more about this organization, make sure to visit their website for additional details.

Super Saturday Hamptons 2010 – Super Way of Raising Funds for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

August 21st, 2011

OCRF has a number of different programs to help fund their cause. One of them is the Super Saturday event which is able to get a number of different celebrities who attend the event to help their aim. Last year, OCRF had its 13th Super Saturday Hamptons 2010 at the Nova’s Ark Project that also has a number of celebrities who supported their campaign.

Super Saturday was started by Faith Kates Kogan of OCRF, celebrity designer Donna Karan, and Liz Tilberis of Harper’s Bazaar to support ovarian cancer. Today, these individuals are still active in supporting Super Saturday Hamptons 2010 and in fact, Donna Karan even hosted this recent event together with other ovarian cancer advocates like Kelly Ripa, Ashley Greene, and Alex Foxman.

A number of merchandise coming from top names in the industry was presented in the event. Some of these names include Donna Karan’s own collection, Calvin Klein, Dianne von Furstenberg, Armani, and a lot more.

Aside from these sales, there are also other programs made especially for children like rides and others. this ensures that everyone will have fun as they attend this event.

The Super Saturday held in 2009 was able to raise up to $3 million to support this cause. Super Saturday Hamptons 2010 also earned a great deal of funds to meet its aim. Be sure to watch out for the upcoming Super Saturday and take part in supporting the organization and this advocacy especially since not all women know about ovarian cancer.

Zeolite Ovarian Cancer Alternative Treatment

August 21st, 2011

Cancer patients who are not comfortable in undergoing chemotherapy would look for alternative treatment solutions. One of the alternative solutions regarded by people today is zeolite.

Zeolites are formed from natural land minerals like volcanic minerals. A number of resources online would indicate how they’ve helped them avoid the risk of cancer in having using zeolite ovarian cancer alternative. Others on the other hand indicate that it’s effective in slowing down the progress of cancer.

However, a lot of questions still arise although many people consider this as a miracle and new wonder in alternative treatments. One of this is how does this supplement affects the body? There are very few notes about how it totally works in the body so others may say that these claims are baseless right from the start.

Another question is whether clinical testings were done in order to prove its effectiveness. One resource online even indicate that there’s no accredited clinical test to help prove its effect so more people will be skeptical in using this supplement. Clinical trials are the main indicators that will assure treatment procedures are effective or not to patients.

Although many people claim the effectiveness of zeolite ovarian cancer alternative treatment, it’s important to conduct proper research prior to using this product as there’s a great chance of tricking consumers or even worsening the problem. It’s advisable to talk with the physician about this alternative first before following this alternative solution.

HE4 Ovarian Cancer Testing

August 20th, 2011

When it comes to diagnosing cancer, many people ask whether it’s possible to diagnose this problem as soon as possible. The truth is it’s possible using various diagnostic procedures. While CA-125 test is a known reliable diagnostic procedure for this type of cancer, studies also indicated how HE4 ovarian cancer is able to provide better diagnosis by using it together with CA-125 test.

HE4 stands for Human epididymis protein and has been studied by many experts in terms of its sensitivity in cases of ovarian cancer. Large and small studies have been conducted to ensure that it can be helpful for everyone who’s needs to be taken care of because of this medical problem. The conclusion is testing HE4 together with other tests help in testing out whether cancer cells are in remission or not.

In terms of using this testing procedure, many people ask whether it’s used by physicians for testing or not. They’re used by physicians and done together with other testing procedures to ensure result. Remember that it’s vital to have several testing procedure to come up with accurate result.

By looking at this test, you can say that it’s a relatively new procedure or mark in diagnosing this cancer. However, it can still be a great help in diagnosing patient and help provide treatment right away. Physicians will discuss how this test is administered so patients will understand how this procedure is conducted.

Ovarian Cancer Merchandise – Be Cautious of Scammers

August 20th, 2011

Many individuals support various causes like ovarian cancer. Some people who may not be able to join walks or other campaigns find another way of supporting these causes by buying ovarian cancer merchandise. The amount of money earned on these merchandise will given to organizations that will help increase awareness about this cancer and even support clinical studies.

However, a lot of people also ask whether these ovarian cancer merchandise are used for scamming consumers and supporters? Although there are a few online entries about scamming using these products, it’s still possible to occur so it’s important to be careful.

Remember, that a lot of people would will take advantage of others’ kindness in supporting these causes. It may be impossible but that’s a fact after seeing what’s happening around the world today. Some would even sell out products that will help cure cancer but the truth is they’re scams.

In order to avoid this possibility, make sure to purchase these merchandise coming from reliable stores and those affiliated with the organization. If possible, be updated with a certain organization’s fundraising events to make sure that your money will go directly to them. They usually post updates on their websites so you can attend on it at your convenient time.

Overall, ovarian cancer merchandise can be found online but scamming is still possible especially since many people are taking advantage of others. This post doesn’t generalize that other sellers are scammers but it’s just to remind people to be cautious as these incidents may happen.

Bevacizumab Ovarian Cancer Treatment Information

August 19th, 2011

A lot of medications have been developed to help treat cancer. One of these medications is Bevacizumab ovarian cancer treatment. It’s important to know the details of these medications to set expectations about this treatment option.

Bevacizumab is known with its trade name called Avastin. It’s been used for years in treating a number of different cancer types. Studies indicate that it show positive results in treating ovarian cancer.

In terms of studies, a study posted in cancer.gov indicated that using Bevacizumab as part of ovarian cancer treatment is something that can optimize treatment to make it more effective for patients. If you want to know more about this study and abstract, visit this link.

Medications used for cancer may show positive results for every patient but it’s also essential to identify its side effects. One of its common side effects is hypertension. Patients can ask their physicians about how this can be controlled and other management procedures.

Effects on the intestine specifically on the large intestines have been noted in using this medication. Perforations on the bowels are the common effects on this organ in incorporating this treatment product. There are still other side effects to take note and these are discussed once a patient is described with this medication.

Using Bevacizumab as an ovarian cancer treatment is possible but it’s vital to know various details about it like studies and adverse effects. To know more about this medication, make sure to click on this link.

Knowing the Side Effects of Topotecan Ovarian Cancer Treatment

August 18th, 2011

Cancer has a number of different medication types. While some medications may be focused on specific cancer type, some of them can be used on different types. One of them is Topotecan ovarian cancer medication.

Topotecan is not only a medication that will help treat ovarian cancer, it’s also notable in treating cancers like cervical and lung cancer. It’s a medication used for chemotherapy so side effects must be expected by users who will be prescribed with this product.

Using this medication may result to lowered levels of white blood cells in the blood. Hence, this will make the body more prone to infection. White blood cells help combat the infections that enter the body so lowered levels may cause people to get infections faster than the usual.

In addition, it can also affect the platelet count in the blood. Platelets are the one responsible for blood clotting in cases of wound. Lower level of platelet will result to bleeding.

Finally, hair loss and nausea are also among the symptoms experienced in using Topotecan for ovarian cancer. Hair loss may not only occur in the head but also in the body. Nausea may result to weakening the body while undergoing medication.

Topotecan for ovarian cancer is already a known medication for this problem. however, it’s important to take note of these side effects first and tell the physician right away once side effects become unbearable for patients. In addition, it’s also essential to indicate true medical history to make sure that this medication is appropriate.

3 Supporters of OCRF

August 18th, 2011

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund or OCRF is an organization that promotes research about this condition so better treatments and diagnostic procedures to detect it immediately. Although people may not think about it, there are a number of companies that support this organization. The following are just some of the companies that support OCRF and its causes.


Urbanzen is a group that promotes well-being and empowering the mind and spirit which will also provide benefit for the body. This organization recently supports a fundraising activity for OCRF. Each participating groups have their specific campaigns like stores. Urbanzen on the other hand set a sanctuary that can help attendees relax. The event was able to earn a good amount of money for this organization.


This popular appliance company was able to donate money to OCRF and support their campaigns. You can read about it by backtracking to this earlier post.

L’Oreal Sunday Volleyball League

L’Oreal is a popular cosmetic company and their Sunday Volleyball League chose OCRF where they will give their donations. They are able to raise funds and decided to support this organization to help their future studies especially if since a lot of women are still suffering from this medical problem.

These are just three organizations that support OCRF and their aims. Without a doubt, a lot of them are already aware of the importance of these studies as it can help in improving these procedures and help save more women in the long run.

Ovarian Cancer After Hysterectomy – Is it Possible to Occur?

August 16th, 2011

If you’ll look at many stories of women who experience ovarian cancer, many of them indicate that their physicians suggested to undergo hysterectomy to remove every possible organs affected by cancer near the ovaries.

Hysterectomy is the surgical procedure where the uterus is removed from a woman’s body. The ovaries are connected to the uterus so there’s a high chance of cancer cell residues affecting this organ and other parts in cases of ovarian cancer. However, a number of resources and stories indicate that they some patients still experience ovarian cancer after hysterectomy.

Most of the time, people would think that it’s not possible to happen since the uterus have already been removed so it should not be affected by cancer. But hysterectomy procedures may be different depending on the procedure done. For instance, one procedure may only remove the uterus but will not keep the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Hence, ovarian cancer can still occur even with hysterectomy.

Some women on the other hand will not experience ovarian cancer after hysterectomy but peritoneal cancer. This cancer is often regarded as ovarian cancer by many women since the symptoms are similar and make them think that this condition is back to haunt them.

Overall, there’s still a chance of developing ovarian cancer after hysterectomy. Nevertheless, remember that it’s important for woman to have its symptoms checked first to ensure whether it’s ovarian cancer or other conditions. This will help patients get appropriate treatments or follow-up from their medical condition.

Ovarian Cancer Therapy Procedures to Body and Mind Healing

August 15th, 2011

When it comes to medical problems like ovarian cancer, one of the things people think about it is about medications and surgery. But it’s important for everyone to know that patients may also undergo ovarian cancer therapy to help their treatments. There are basically two types of therapy that the patient may complete towards treatment like the following:

Chemotherapy or medication treatment

Chemotherapy is vital when it comes to this condition. it has the ability to clear out cancer cells in this organ. This therapy is needed even right after the surgery because of the possibility of recurrence or to put the cancer in remission after several sessions. This procedure is done in several therapy sessions until the condition will not have any problems.

Personal and support therapy

Dealing with a medical problem is difficult especially on this type of medical problem. In fact, a patient has to think of many things like getting worried about their condition, possible remissions, and even the side effects of their chemotherapy. It’s important to have all the support and personal therapy they can get in order to go on with their treatment programs.

Without a doubt, patients need to have these two ovarian cancer therapy procedures in order to heal not only their body but also their minds. Some women will not totally think of the last therapy procedure but the truth is it can be a great help in order to have a good outlook in life while undergoing treatments.

Kelly Ripa Ovarian Cancer Awareness Advocacy

August 15th, 2011

As mentioned on a previous entry, numerous celebrities support specific causes. Most of the time, they advocate a certain cause because they fully believe that it should be widely known among individuals. And being a celebrity becomes a plus factor since they can be seen on different media and even get more supporters for these causes. One of these celebrities is Kelly Ripa and her ovarian cancer advocacy.

Kelly Ripa is popular because of various shows but she also advocate ovarian cancer by supporting campaigns like the following:


Public Service Announcements for ovarian cancer is usually done on cancer awareness month and different celebrities take part in increasing awareness of this medical problem. Kelly Ripa ovarian cancer PSA is posted online so you can check it out and how she became a part of this awareness cancer.

Tie up program with Electrolux

Kelly Ripa coordinated with Electrolux to help support Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. This organization is known for their research in finding out the best treatment options and effective diagnostic procedures to prevent cancer from causing death on women. According to Kelly Confidential, Electrolux generously donated $750,000 to OCRF to help its mission. This tie up campaign results to various photos of Kelly Ripa and teal-colored Electrolux appliances circulating on magazines and online.

Without a doubt, Kelly Ripa is one of the known celebrities that support ovarian cancer awareness projects. Being a part of these programs is something to look up to by many women and can be good sign of support among patients.

Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance

August 14th, 2011

Numerous organizations are now formed in the medical world to help support people who are suffering from different types of health problems. Simultaneously, they also aim to promote awareness on the type of medical problems they focus on. One of them is the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

Just like other groups focused on ovarian cancer awareness, they also am to support women who are currently suffering from this medical problem as well as their family members since they also have their own struggles in seeing this medical problem’s effect right in front of them.

But what makes this organization different from others is that it’s not formed by health experts and other government officials. It’s formed by ovarian cancer survivors in 1999 and has continued to expand up to today.

Just like other organizations, the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance also has numerous programs that will help introduce ovarian cancer and support everyone who struggles with this problem. They also update their website with upcoming events focusing on the programs like walks and others to ensure that everyone will know about them and take part on the programs.

Without a doubt, every organization like Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance provides a lot of support for women who suffer from this cancer and even prevent its occurrence among women by introducing this problem. if you want to know more about Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance, visit their website and be updated with their programs. You can take part of it as way of supporting their cause.

Why Chemo for Ovarian Cancer is Still Needed after Surgery

August 14th, 2011

Chemotherapy is the first thing that will come to people’s mind after hearing the term cancer. This is also the same, of course, in the case of ovarian cancer. But aside from chemo for ovarian cancer, physicians also advice patients to undergo surgery especially if cancer cells have already affected the ovaries. 

With the surgery in mind, numerous patients would think why chemo for ovarian cancer is still important after surgical procedure. This is still vital because of the possibility of cancer cell residues on nearby organs. Although ovaries may have been removed, it’s still possible that other organs within the area have already been affected by cancer cells.

Surgery can serve as the main cancer-cleaning procedure on this stage but chemo for ovarian cancer will help to remove cancer cells totally on other parts. Chemotherapy may be done in different ways but they still contain specific types of strong medications to kill off cancer cells that are not removed with surgery. This is the main reason why many physicians would also recommend undergoing chemo after surgery.

Without a doubt, treating cancer is done by using various medications and procedures. This answers the question why chemo for ovarian cancer is still needed even after surgery. Joining their capabilities will help patients and take care of this condition as soon as possible to save lives. It’s vital to take note of this treatment combo if you’re a patient to ensure you’ll get utmost benefit coming from these procedures.